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NIS Recruitment portal

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Nigeria Immigration Service Possibilities

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NIS recruitment for you!

NIS recruitment for you!

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Has something happened to Buhari’s English? ex-president Goodluck Jonathan’s aide asks

Editor's note: Reuben Abati, the special adviser to the former president Goodluck Jonathan on media and publicity, has added his voice to the growing number of voices berating President Muhammadu Buhari over his decision to speak Hausa in his Sallah message in a nation with more than 400 ethnic groups.

Recall that on Sunday, June 25, an audio message containing Buhari’s message to Nigerians to mark the Eid-el-Fitr, triggered negative reactions, following the president's decision to speak Hausa.

Abati in this piece has queried Buhari's decision to pass his message to speak Hausa to over 400 Nigerian ethnic nationalities.

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“Baba just fall my hand! Ha, wetin.”

“Which Baba?”

“Baba Bubu, the President of all Nigeria.”

“In the spirit of this season, may Almighty Allah (SAW) grant him good health and quick recovery. It is part of our duty to pray for our leaders. Only infidels pray for evil.”

“My friend, the fasting season has ended. Stop fasting after Ramadan. I am saying something serious. Was it right for the President of Nigeria to address the Nigerian people in Hausa? “

“Hausa? Me no hear am oh. Have they changed the country’s official language?”

“Yes. Hausa.”

“Baba just enter radio begin speak Hausa to over 400 Nigerian ethnic nationalities”

“In the spirit of this season, my brother, we must thank God for everything”

“You have started.”

“Do you know if there is a medical reason? Suppose Baba’s diagnosis is that he can only speak Hausa from now on, what if something has happened to his English language? Impairment of the ability to speak English.”

“Are you okay? Some yeye people said Baba was suffering from speech impairment and that he would no longer be able to speak. They didn’t say anything affected his ability to speak English.”

“So, they organized a national broadcast in Hausa to convince us that the President of Nigeria can still speak. But by making him speak Hausa, they simply confirmed the speech impairment. They have just told us that the President can no longer speak the country’s official language.”


“No. Well, I don’t think so. Hausa is actually an official language of Nigeria.”

“You have started. I say you have started. Even one of their aides said the whole thing could have been handled better.”

“I don’t believe that”

“That’s what I heard”

“He didn’t know his boss was going to speak Hausa?”

“Dey there.”

“But no problem. Section 55 of the Nigerian Constitution actually says when the business of Nigeria cannot be conducted in English, you can speak three other languages: Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo.”

“The Constitution of Nigeria says that? I don’t believe that.”

“Yes, you don’t ever believe anything.”

“Does it also say that when a President is on medical vacation abroad, he can choose to address Nigerians in his mother tongue?”

“The thing is you never know. Some illnesses manifest in certain ways. There is a way you will feel sick, and the best way out is to speak in vernacular. We as Nigerians should show some understanding. Some people will fall sick now and they will do strange and unique things. That is the way I see it.”

“I hope the day will never come when a Nigerian President will speak Igbo on my television set. I swear, I will carry that TV set and smash it on the ground.”

“You see your problem? Are you saying Igbo is not a constitutionally recognized Nigerian language? You are an Igbo-hater, you this guy. One of those people Nnamdi Kanu refers to as idiots. So, if tomorrow a Nigerian leader decides to speak Fulfulde, what will you do? You will hang yourself? ”

“I have said my own.”

“You have not said anything. If language is your problem, then ask your ngbati brother in the Villa, to also start speaking Yoruba at Federal Executive meetings and other state functions. If he likes, let him speak Ijebu-Remo dialect. It is, I keep telling you, constitutional.”

“What are we running then? Some kind of linguistic zoo where anyone that gets to Aso Rock can speak in tongues?”

“Not in tongues. Three languages. Hausa, Yoruba and Hausa. And for your information, someone that I know once said that there is a spiritual side to that seat of power. You can’t ever predict how the spirit moves people in that place. We should just thank God for everything. We are talking about change. When you vote for change, you don’t know how God will change things. Our God works in mysterious ways. He speaks all languages, and he can do his miracles in any language he chooses.”

“But I don’t speak Hausa.”

“There is actually a transcript of the Presidential message. It is nothing harmful in any way.”

“After almost 50 days of absence?”

“Medical vacation. Try and be humane, this man.”

“Hausa language? At a time Hausa youths are telling Igbos to get lost and get out of Nigeria.”

“Don’t worry. We should just keep praying to God.”

“This is not about God. This is about us. Why will my President speak to me in a language that I don’t understand?”

“Everything is about God. Go and sit down and stop forming. Is English your language? Do you understand English? You are better off learning Hausa, if I may say so. See as you are losing sweat over the President speaking a constitutionally recognized Nigerian language”

“What of my own language, my own mother tongue? Is it also in the Nigerian constitution? This is about my identity, my Nigerian-ness, my sense of belonging. You don’t get it.”

“I get it. I say stop forming. If your language is not there, then your local government must be there. That is what you need, afterall, it is not everybody in your clan that speaks English”

“We don’t speak Hausa either, and I am sure that I have the right to ask that I should be addressed in a language that I understand as a bona-fide Nigerian citizen.”

“It’s okay. This is not a big deal. I’ll get you a transcript of what the President said.”

“In my local Ejagham language, with a broadcast in my people’s voice.”

“This man, what is your problem? It is people like you who want to break up Nigeria. How many of you are in that your Ejagham village sef, that you are making wahala like this?”

“Why must the President speak sef? The acting President has been speaking English to various groups in Nigeria. I was in fact hoping that he will get round to some of us and invite us to Aso Villa, and now from nowhere, the President releases a message that makes nonsense of the Acting President’s efforts at promoting unity in the country.”

“The Acting President is what Yoruba people call Adele, get it right, he cannot be the Baale, the village head, when the village head is alive. Adele is Adele. Baale is Baale.”

“We don’t have such a stupid saying in my village. Good for you Yoruba people who speak from all sides of the mouth. You will see the truth korokoro like this, you will start speaking from all sides of the mouth.”

“Why korokoro?”

“ I speak small Yoruba.”

“I will ask Senator Musiliu Obanikoro then to sue you for using that phrase koro koro. This one that everybody is likely to start speaking in mother tongue, you better watch what you say. Stick to your own mother tongue.”

“Isn’t that what some people want in any case? They want to turn our country into a Tower of Babel. Let everybody speak his or her mother tongue.”

“Your interpretation. Whatever language the President speaks, should not be a problem.”

“Fine. Donald Trump should also start speaking German then since his ancestors are from Germany, and the Windsors in England should start speaking French.”

“It is not the same thing. We are dealing with a peculiar situation here. What if the President is going through a special kind of therapy? New things are being discovered in the field of medicine everyday. This may be one of those cutting edge things. In the spirit of the season, you and other Nigerians should just chill.”

“You are just talking. I think at some point, we just have to restructure this country and get certain things right. There is something called protocol in governance.”

“I am not against restructuring, but restructuring for me is not about secession, break up or hate speech. Restructuring means making this country work for all of us, a country of great potentials where the aggregate of our country, resources, people, talents and diversity can put us on the world map. We are a blessed country. We just have to get things right, yes.”

“We do well as individuals, take Evans, the kidnapper, but not as a country because we are not yet a nation.”

“You can’t say some people are doing well like Evans. We can’t define our country with negativity. Evans is a kidnapper who made millions of dollars from making other people unhappy. We are a country in search of good role models and standards. By the way, Evans’ father says he needs to be taken to a spiritual home for deliverance, but I think he should have his day in court.”

“The truth is that we are actually a country of kidnappers. Right now, I feel as if I have been kidnapped in this country of my birth. They told me change begins with me, but I actually feel as if I have been kidnapped.”

“My friend, stop that drama. Don’t be a drama king. Be a positive citizen. Your mates are winning international prizes and doing well on the international stage, promoting Nigeria and Africa, you are here whining about village issues, my friend, you got to wake up. This is what we mean when we say change begins with you.”

“Which of my mates has won international prize?”

“Akinwumi Adesina, President of the Africa Development Bank, Nigeria’s former Minister of Agriculture. Something big. Really big. The Nobel Prize of Agriculture.”

“Nobel Prize?”

“It is called the World Food Prize. It is the biggest thing in Agriculture.”

“Adesina. He did it as Minister of Agriculture. He has done it again globally. Up school!”

“Hel–looo. What is that?”

“Up school! Great of the greatest Ife! Ife gbogbo! Ife gbagba! Gre-at Ife!”

“You see yourself? You just must reduce everything to the level of the village and yet you complain about someone else speaking a local language.”

“Adesina is a product of the University of Ife, Obafemi Awolowo University.”

“Sorry, the World Food Prize is not about the university that you and Adesina attended, it is something bigger, it is about his accomplishments in promoting food security and by extension global security, his life-long distinction in the field of agriculture.”

“What I am saying is that this is Great Ife’s achievement.”

“It’s an achievement for Nigeria, for Africa, for the world. The security of the world is tied to the security of food. The point is clear: if the people of the world are hungry, the world cannot be safe.”

“Correct point, there. When I am hungry, I cannot guarantee that I will be a good person.”

“I hope you have eaten today.”

“It has been a very dry Sallah, my brother. I visited a friend of mine who usually slaughters a cow at a season like this. The man, this year had only fish, chicken and turkey. For a moment, I thought it was Christmas.”

“May be you are mixing up things. Muslims don’t usually slaughter rams after Ramadan. They do so during the main Sallah, the eid-el-kabir.”

“My own Muslim friends slaughter rams and cows all the time, but I see that this year, things are different, very very different. Recession palaver, I think.”

“You too should learn to give your friends rams and cows, instead of going from house to house to eat free meat, so stop complaining my friend.”

“Am I a Muslim? When it is Christmas, you can come to my house to eat turkey and chicken”

“We are all children of God, indivisible under the umbrella of God, that is all that matters.”

“I hope some people know that in the spirit of the season. I wish they knew.”

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Watch this TV video of Nigerians sharing their opinion on President Buhari's imminent return

Igbo quit notice! Wike sends powerful message to IPOB, MASSOB, Arewa, others

– Governor Nyesom Wike has said that nobody has the right to issue a quit notice in Nigeria

– Wike says so long as he is in charge of affairs in Rivers state, all citizens shall be protected

– The governor has warned all warring factions to seek peace and embrace unity

Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, the Rivers state governor, has declared that nobody has the right to issue quit notices to other Nigerians.

The governor stressed that despite recent social challenges, Nigeria will continue to be united.

Wike stated: "Nigeria must be one. All of us will live together. All of us are free to do business anywhere in the country. Whether you are from the north, you are free to stay here and do business.

"Nobody should threaten anybody. All of us own this country. We must be our brother's keepers".

The governor spoke on Monday, June 26, when the Rivers state Muslim community paid him a Sallah homage at the Government House in Port Harcourt.

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Biafra exit! Governor Wike finally speaks out on Arewa quit notice

Wike said no one can ask his fellow Nigerian to quit

Governor Wike said that the unity of the country is necessary for the rapid development of the country

The governor assured the Rivers Muslim Community that he will continue to sponsor them for Hajj as his administration believes in the spiritual upliftment of the people.

He said: "Government will continue to give you support, but we cannot use state resources to build a mosque.

"During the Ramadan I sent items to all the mosques in the state. We are all worshipping one God, even though we serve him in different ways".

Biafra exit! Governor Wike finally speaks out on Arewa quit notice

Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, Edo state PDP chairman, Chief Dan Orbih and Special adviser to the Rivers state governor on NDDC, Mohammed Okiri

According to a statement by his special aide, Simeon Nwakaudu, the governor said that he has respect for the Muslim community as exemplified by his invitation of the Sultan of Sokoto to participate in the Rivers at 50 celebration.

He added that he will be paying a Sallah visit to the Sultan on Tuesday, June 27.

Earlier, the leader of the Rivers state Muslim community and vice president of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, Alhaji Nasir Uhor said the Rivers Muslim community were happy with Governor Wike for his superlative performance .

He commended the governor for promoting religious tolerance in the state.

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Biafra exit! Governor Wike finally speaks out on Arewa quit notice

Wike with the leader of the Rivers state Muslim Community and Vice President of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, Alhaji Nasir Uhor

In a similar vein, National Leader of the All Progressives Congress chieftain, (APC) Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has said that the those who are calling for secession and break-up do not mean well.

The former governor of Lagos said: “Voices calling for violence must be roundly condemned for it is wrong to incite brother to go against brother and neighbour to combat neighbour.”

Tinubu said in his Eid-el-Fitri message to Nigerians at the weekend that the only path to toe in achieving the best for all Nigerians is dialogue, Vanguard reports.

The ex-lawmaker's opinion was aired in a statement issued and signed by his media adviser, Tunde Rahman, on Saturday, June 25.

In the statement entitled “Eid-el-Fitri Message: The Spirit, Strength of Our Diversity”, Tinubu said the spirit of sacrifice, self discipline, goodwill, justice, tolerance, mercy, forgiveness and compassion inherent in the Ramadan Fast should remain with Muslim faithfuls to guide their day-to-day interactions and relationships with one another.

Asiwaju Tinubu said: “Voices calling for violence must be roundly condemned for it is wrong to incite brother to go against brother and neighbour to combat neighbour".

Below is a video in which Nnamdi Kanu addressed his followers in Isiama Afara, Abia state.

Gov Okowa receives stern warning over anti-grazing bill

– A top leader of the All Progressives Congress, (APC) Wilson Omene, has warned Governor Okowa not to joke with anti-grazing bill in the state

– Omene said Okowa should hands-off and allow the House to pass the grazing bill into the law

– Reports have it that lawmakers are very angry and have anonymously expressed misgivings over the bill that was just suddenly abandoned after second reading

A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, (APC) Wilson Omene, has said that Governor Okowa has failed by allegedly working against the passage of the grazing bill while herdsmen run riot in Delta.

Omene on Tuesday, June 27, warned the Delta state Governor Okowa to stop playing politics with the lives and property of Deltans.

Reports have it that the former Chairman of Ethiope West Local Government Council warned the governor to shun his alleged selfish second term bid.

Okowa has failed by allegedly working against the passage of the grazing bill - APC Chieftain

Delta state Governor Okowa

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Omene stated that Governor Okowa has failed by allegedly working against the passage of the grazing bill while herdsmen run riot in Delta.

''Okowa should hands-off and allow the House to pass the grazing bill,” he said. gathered that Dennis Out, the Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker of the Delta state House of Assembly, has dismissed the claims that the speaker is being manipulated to kill the bill.

He said: ''The bill is in the Committee of the whole (hallowed chamber) after it successfully scaled through second reading and public hearing.

“The House members have amended it to section 8 and promised to continue on Section 9. The bill is on course and receiving adequate attention of the House.

“It’s not true that the lawmakers are being made to frustrate the bill. It is also not true that the Speaker is being manipulated by the Governor to kill the bill.

''This accusation is laughable and should not be taken seriously. The bill is on course and there is no cause for alarm over the bill.”

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Meanwhile, it was learnt that the Delta state Anti-Grazing Bill inherited by the new Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Rt.Hon. Sheriff Oborrvwori is allegedly being thwarted by the Chairman of Delta State Advisory Council, Prof. Sam Oyovbaire, a former minister of Information.

It was gathered that Prof. Oyovbaire is alleged to have convinced Delta state Governor, Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa that the bill may work against his second term bid since it’s a law to sack Fulani herdsmen, kinsmen of Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari.

It is also gathered that lawmakers are very angry and have anonymously expressed misgivings over the bill which has already passed second reading but suddenly abandoned by the Speaker and some vested interests.

Meanwhle, earlier reported that Governor Ayo Fayose has followed his action with strong words to any herdsman caught grazing in Ekiti state with arms or any weapon.

Speaking shortly after signing a bill titled ‘Prohibition of Cattle and other Ruminants Grazing in Ekiti, 2016’, into law on Monday, August 29, Fayose said any herdsman caught grazing in the state with arms or in possession of any weapon will be charged with terrorism and prosecuted accordingly.

Watch this Video in which goes to Southern Kaduna, where residents tell how herdsmen prevented them from getting Red Cross relief materials:

NPFL Matchday-26: Pillars, Rangers, Plateau Seek To Extend Unbeaten Runs


By Johnny Edward:

Reigning Nigeria Professional Football League champions, Enugu Rangers will be seeking revenge when they take on FC Ifeanyiubah in their Wednesday's matchday-26 game at The Cathedral – Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium Enugu, reports

FC Ifeanyiubah defeated Rangers 1-0 on matchday-four in Nnewi, but with both teams recording draws in their previous games, Rangers look a better bet to win judging from their recent resurgent form though FC Ifeanyiubah have a superior head to head advantage, winning four of their previous five meetings.

Uche Agbo's side are undefeated in their last four NPFL matches, and have won four of their most recent five home games since their resurgence, while FC Ifeanyiubah hit the bad patch recently managing only two wins, two draws and a defeat in their last five games.

Kano Pillars' four match unbeaten run in the NPFL will be put to test on Wednesday in Ilorin when they take on home side ABS in a matchday-26 encounter.

On the back of a 3-1 win over MFM, the four time winners of the NPFL who are currently ninth in the log, have lost four of their last five away matches but interestingly, it remains to be seen how they will fair against the Ilorin outfit who have lost three of their last five games winning two. Pillars haven't lost a match to them since 2010.

In Calabar, Enyimba will be confident of a win playing at the UJ Esuene stadium when they take on bad travelers, El Kanemi Warrior of Maiduguri.

The People's Elephants lost 1-0 to Nasarawa United FC in their last game, but the Gbenga Ogunbote side have turned their adopted ground to a Fortress, winning their last six games there. They also have not lost or drawn a match at home to Elkanemi in the NPFL.

A win for seventh placed Enyimba will leapfrog them to fourth place provided MFM, Akwa United, Lobi Stars and IfeanyiUbah don't record wins.

At the Agege Stadium Lagos, MFM will be desperate to return to winning ways with victory over relegation battlers Sunshine Stars of Akure after they suffered their ninth defeat of the season away to Kano Pillars in Kano.

The Olukoya boys will look to complete a double over Sunshine who are struggling in the 17th position. The Owena Whales have lost their last seven matches at away venues this season, while MFM have won four and drawn one in their last five home matches.

League leaders, Plateau United can open an eight point gap at the top of the log if they beat eight placed Nasarawa United. The Jos side holds an impressive record of not dropping points against their visitors, Nasarawa nor conceding a goal since their return to the NPFL. They won their last six home games, scoring 16 goals and conceding two goals.

In other NPFL matchday-26 fixtures for Wednesday, relegation battlers, Gombe United, in 19th position, will host Abia Warriors, just as Wikki Tourists will slug it out with Lobi Stars.

The match between Wikki and Lobi Stars in Bauch m ended in a 1-1. Wikki Tourist have won all their other home matches against Lobi stars in the NPFL since 2012.

Katsina United will battle Niger Tornadoes while Remo Stars will seek their eight win of the campaign when they host Akwa United in Sagamu.


Wednesday, 28.06.2017

ABS VS Kano Pillars

Wikki Tourists VS Lobi Stars FC

Enugu Rangers VS FC IfeanyiUbah

Katsina Utd VS Niger Tornadoes

Remo Stars VS Akwa United FC

Enyimba International FC VS El-Kanemi Warriors FC

Plateau United VS Nasarawa United FC

Gombe United FC VS Abia Warriors

MFM FC VS Sunshine Stars

The post NPFL Matchday-26: Pillars, Rangers, Plateau Seek To Extend Unbeaten Runs appeared first on Complete Sports Nigeria.

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Serena Hits Back After Mcenroe Ranks Her 700th On Men’s Tour

Serena Williams has asked American tennis great John McEnroe for “respect”.

Her reaction came after the seven-times grand slam champion said his fellow American would be ranked “like 700 in the world” if she had to play on the men’s circuit.

McEnroe had said 23-times grand slam champion Williams was “the best female player ever” but declined to label her the best overall.

“If she played the men’s circuit she’d be like 700 in the world,” he said.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t think Serena is an incredible player. I do.

“And on a given day, Serena could beat some players… But if she had to just play the circuit — the men’s circuit — that would be an entirely different story.”

Former world number one Williams, who has taken time off to have a baby, however has responded testily on Twitter.

“Dear John, I adore and respect you but please please keep me out of your statements that are not factually based,” she wrote.

“I’ve never played anyone ranked ‘there’ nor do I have time. Respect me and my privacy as I’m trying to have a baby. Good day sir.”

Williams has won the most grand slam singles titles in the professional era, five more than Swiss Roger Federer, the most prolific winner in the men’s game.

She is one short of Australian Margaret Court’s overall record of 24 grand slam titles, which were split between the professional and amateur eras.

<<The Nation>>

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How Ronaldo Is Delaying Morata’s Move To Manchester United

The uncertainty over Cristiano Ronaldo’s future, is delaying an announcement over Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata’s move to Manchester United.

Diario Gol reports that Real are reportedly prepared to accept an offer from United for Morata, who told both Madrid president, Florentino Perez and coach Zinedine Zidane, that he wants to leave.

However, following reports that Ronaldo wants to quit Madrid after being accused of tax fraud, the La Liga and European champions want to resolve that matter before allowing Morata move to Old Trafford.

The Portugal captain is currently representing his country at this year’s Confederations Cup and is due to have talks with Perez when he returns.

It is however believed that Morata’s move should go through, as Ronaldo is likely to stay at the Santiago Bernabeu ( amid interest from United, Paris Saint-Germain and China.

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Ghana Captain, Asamoah Gyan Opens Up On Sex Scandal, Rape Accusation

Captain of Black Stars of Ghana, Asamoah Gyan, has opened up on what transpired between him and a lady, Sarah Kwablah who accused him of rape.

Gyan admitted cheating on his wife, Gifty with the lady but maintained that they both enjoyed the sex.

Sarah had accused him of raping her in 2015.

The Ghana captain said he met the woman on social media after she sent him a message, and had sex in her apartment later on when he visited Ghana for the 2015 AFCON preparation.

The lady reportedly had a camera hidden in her room and recorded the sexual encounter which she later used in threatening the striker in order to extort money from him.

She accused Asamoah Gyan of forcefully sleeping with her when he had not proposed love to her.

Police in Ghana later arrested Sarah, and Osafo Anthony, a journalist and Chris Handler who is a blogger, and charged them with conspiring to extort money from Samuel Anim Addo, the manager of Asamoah Gyan.

How I nearly lost 2015 election – Okorocha

They were tried for allegedly extorting GH¢25,000 from Addo by means of a threat to release the sex video.

However, in an interview with Delay on ‘Delay Show’, the Shanghai SIPG striker explained, “She sent me a message on social media and we became friends.

“So after 2015 AFCON tournament, I came to Ghana and we met at STC where I train and because I’m married, I introduced her as friend to my colleagues and after the training, we drove in my dirty training kits to her house and we had sex.”

Although the captain confessed to having had sex with Sarah, he denied raping her.

“I will not deny sleeping with Sarah Kwablah, we both enjoyed the love making but she twisted the story and accused me of raping her, we had a good time.

“I told her [my wife] the whole truth about the whole incident.

“She understood me because she knows I will not lie and forgave me.

“I would not have held a grudge against her if she decided to file for divorce over the incident.”

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EU Fines Google $2.7bn For Breaching Competition Rules

The European Union has imposed a record €2.42bn ($2.72bn) fine on technology giant Google, for abusing its dominance as a search engine by giving illegal advantage to its own shopping service.

“What Google has done is illegal under EU antitrust rules. It denied other companies the chance to compete on the merits and to innovate,” Margrethe Vestager, the European commissioner for competition, said in a statement.

“And most importantly, it denied European consumers a genuine choice of services and the full benefits of innovation.”

Brussels has given the US tech giant 90 days to change its business model for Google Shopping, or face further penalty payments.


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US Warns Syria Over ‘Potential’ Chemical Attack Plan

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad may be preparing a chemical-weapons attack that would result in the “mass murder” of civilians, the White House has said while warning Syria’s government that it would pay a “heavy price” if it goes ahead.

The White House on Monday said US intelligence observed potential preparations similar to those in the run-up to a deadly chemical attack on the opposition-held town of Khan Sheikhoun in April that the US blamed on Assad’s forces.

More than 70 people were killed in that attack, including many children.

The US launched missile strikes against a Syrian air base in response.

“The United States has identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime that would likely result in the mass murder of civilians, including innocent children,” Sean Spicer, White House spokesperson, said in a statement.


Original Article